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YOUTH TECH KOREA Inc. seeks to satisfy and impress our customers

Greetings from the CEO

Thank you for visiting this website of YOUTH TECH KOREA Inc., a company that seeks to satisfy and impress our customers.

YOUTH TECH KOREA Inc. was founded in 1998. As the company name implies, employees with youthful spirit and passion develop and manufacture lighting fixtures using eco-friendly and highly efficient LED, based on their individual skills and creativity.

Our lighting fixtures were developed for the purpose of property inspection of LEDs, semiconductors, and mobile phones and conducting all other ISION tests. Using the LED as light source, they are highly efficient and have a long life span.

Furthermore, we offer a Customizable Ordering System which enables a quick supply of lighting fixtures to various fields of industry as needed, and we also provide our customers Before and After Sales Services to maximize customer satisfaction.

With customer-oriented service as its top priority, YOUTH TECH KOREA Inc. is always ready for a quick response and will continue to invest in research and development to acquire the best skills and quality. We will do our best to become a truly global company through constant challenges and innovation amidst the rapidly changing circumstances.

Copyright ⓒ Youth Tech Korea.
All rights reserved.

Copyright ⓒ Youth Tech Korea. All rights reserved.